About me

… and my works



I worked as a teacher of art in different schools. For many years now painting gives me the freedom to create things unseen. I am interested in designing mood. My works are filled in, I create with palette knives, cut out layers, paint with brushes – till each piece assembles to an organic whole.

Inspiration for my pictures I find in my surroundings and while travelling.

My newest series is called „City of the Future“. It shows skylines. With my scrapers I scrape out skyscrapers, cities which reach for future skies. For me they represent progress. There is the trend to elevate whole cities to altitudes: where there is limited space on the ground, there is always room at the top. Living airborne, high-rise-buildings spare us the sprawl of our green areas.

Through my expressive working method energized color-landscapes will emerge; sometimes quiet, sometimes expressive, always leaving space for the spectators own imagination. My goal with people seeing my cities of future? I’d like to hear them exclaim: »this is where I want to go!«

My second new series: these are color-pillars. Handpainted, and filled in with spatula techniques. You can use them in a variety of ways in the interior: they can stand alone as pieces of art, they can hold sculptures, you can use them as tall tables. In any case they will erect a power-spot within any room.